Manage Your Home Wi-Fi Network

View the Number of Devices Connected to Your Network

Test the Speeds of Your Network

Interact with the Main Menu for Network Control

Quickly See Important Notifications

Gain Access to Key Network Control Features

Enable Parental Controls

Set Up a Guest Network

View Details on Connected Devices

Personalize Your SSID and Password for Your Wi-Fi

How Do I Change My SSID Name and Password?

Changing your SSID (Network Name) is easy! Simply open your Command IQ App, Go to the Settings Icon and then, “Update SSID”. From there you can personalize your Router’s name and your Network’s name.

What is a Guest Network and Why Would I Need One?

A Guest Network is important to have when guests come over. This enables you to have a separate Wi-Fi Network that visitors can connect to, while keeping your files, data, and personal information safe.

Benefits of Parental Controls?

The parental controls function currently allows subscribers to associate specific devices with a profile, which could be a specific person who has devices assigned to him or her, or a profile based on type of device. Subscribers can turn access off and on for each associated profile.